The 1000Project – Quick Start Guide (Control Panel, FTPS)

Please read this entire document carefully!

Congratulations on joining The 1000Project! Now that you’ve been selected to receive aid, we can get started on designing your website.


As you know, you’re responsible for registering a domain name and setting up a web hosting plan with a service provider. If you’re not sure how to do this, please read our simple guide to buying domains and hosting.

We work closely with GoDaddy and are very familiar with their company. Since we’ve been using their service for web hosting for years, we highly recommend using GoDaddy to register your domain and initiate hosting. You will find banner links to on The 1000Project website, or you can click this link to go there now!

godaddy                     web-hosting1

Once you have your domain and web hosting set up, our developers will need access to your hosting account. Without this access, they will have no way to design your website or make any changes!

There are three easy ways to allow our designers access:

  1. Simply submit the username and password that you used when setting up your hosting account. You can change this after our designers are finished, so security is not a concern. This is the preferred method of allowing our designers to access your website.
  2. You can also submit FTP (File Transfer Protocol) login credentials only. This is a bit more complicated way of accessing your hosting account, so it’s not the preferred method. If you’re not familiar with web design and FTP, skip this option as it will be troublesome to sort out.


It is critical that our designers have Cpanel access because it allows them to create your website’s database and access other important functions. If you are not familiar with FTP and database creation, please submit your account username and password to allow Cpanel access.

It’s important that you submit this information as quickly as possible so we can begin working on your website! As aid must be delivered on a first-come, first-served basis, you may be moved to the bottom of the queue if access information is not submitted quickly.


Now you should send us all of the materials related to your website. This includes images, logos, text, or other content. Please collect all of this material into a single folder and submit it directly. Once the materials are received, our designers will go to work using what is provided. Don’t count on being able to submit additional content once the work has begun, as time and other factors will likely not allow for it.


  • You will be allowed a maximum of two revisions once the work is complete.
  • Your website design does not include proofreading, editing, or fact-checking. You are responsible for checking your submitted material for correct spelling and punctuation.
  • You must ensure that all content submitted accurately represents your company, and that you own all rights to usage. Do not send copyrighted images or other material that you do not own the rights to!


  • We recommend setting up your hosting account as a hosted WordPress account. The WordPress platform will allow you to easily make changes and additions to your website in the future.
  • The 1000Project does not provide logos, graphics, or images. If you do not have a logo, we will simply use a printed text version of your company name to complete your site.
  • Our designers may use graphics from our collection at their discretion. If you do not submit images, we will likely use stock images.
  • Alternatively, the Third Phase Media Group has offered free basic logo design to The 1000Project members. You can request your free logo by visiting the following page: (We do ask that you complete this step early in the process so that your logo can be ready to go when you submit your materials.)