The 1000 Project is supported by volunteers, sponsors and partners: from socially-conscious creative professionals to entire organizations, all with the common aim of helping innovative entrepreneurs.

Everyone involved shares the goal of creating a mutually-beneficial, nurturing business ecosystem where start-ups and entrepreneurs are welcomed, guided, and elevated to success.

About the Founder.

Shola Lawrence has faced and dealt with her own struggles as an entrepreneur. After launching a number of successful business ventures, she realized that there was a need for support, advice and guidance for new entrepreneurs and their businesses, in particular with establishing a strong on-line presence. She decided to use her knowledge and experience to give something back to the entrepreneurial community, to offer the sort of support that she had wanted – but found difficult to locate – while also providing people like her the chance to become social entrepreneurs in kind.

The 1000 Project was born of that opportunity, and now it serves as a means for professionals and organizations to contribute to local, national and global communities without worrying over logistics and promotion.
Any person or company can show their membership in the social entrepreneur community simply by displaying the 1000 Project badge.

Now, entrepreneurs who have struggled in the past to create an online presence have a place to turn for free or low-cost assistance. The internet has become the foremost gateway to business success, and the 1000 Project is proud to provide budding innovators with a key to that gate.

Shola Lawrence is owner of Coolours Ltd, a London-based web design and consulting business. In her professional career, Shola has served in many roles, applying a broad range of skills, knowledge and experience. She has developed marketing strategies, managed finance and provided executive leadership in several privately-owned companies. Her keen eye for good design and love of colourful, creative projects are key motivators in every task that she takes on.