Hosting and Buying Domain Names

As Easy as!

A newborn website is a lot like a newborn baby…both need to have a name before they go out into the world. Giving birth to a new website can seem challenging – and sometimes confusing – but it doesn’t have to be difficult!

In fact, buying a domain name and hosting a website can be as easy as

QUICK TIP! Both GoDaddy and Hostgator can be quickly and easily accessed from links on The 1000Project’s website! Just click the banner to get started.

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Go to  GoDaddy or Hostgator and have fun –

  1. The first fear that most people have about owning a website is that it will cost loads of money. If you head over to right now, you’ll see that you can register a domain name for 99 cents. Sounds affordable to me!
  2. The next concern is usually about trying to create a good domain name. This can take a few minutes, but it’s actually kind of fun. First, think of what your website will be all about. Then think like your potential visitor. What would they type into a search engine to find you?

If you’re selling stuffed Sci-Fi creatures, then perhaps you should put the word “wookies” in the search box. If it tells you the domain name “” is not available, GoDaddy will give you a list of alternatives (or offer to find the owner so you can buy it.) I like “,” but the price may be a little too high at $29.99. So I scale myself down to “” for $7.99 a year. Simple, and no fear.

*NOTE: When creating a business site, it’s usually best to stick to a .com domain name. Why? It’s the most common and trusted domain name suffix. It’s easier to remember, and it’s made for commercial purposes!

  1. Next there will be a series of offers for add-ons. These include SSL Security, Web-Builder Hosting, Hosting, and Email Accounts for your new website. Add-ons cost a couple extra dollars per year, but they are still very inexpensive for what they do. Once again simple.  No fear, because you can pick and choose, or opt out altogether.


  • Many hosting plans come with a single email account included. Since you probably won’t need more than one, this should be enough. Be sure to read the fine print to see what your hosting account includes!
  • SSL Certificates are important for website security, but usually aren’t necessary unless you’re processing credit card data or other secure information. Don’t worry about buying this upgrade until you have a shopping cart and payment system on your site.
  • For the easiest hosting platform, we recommend choosing a hosted WordPress account. The WordPress platform will allow you to easily add information to your site in the future.

Once you get to the “cart” all of your choices are outlined, and you’re given a chance to change your mind on what you’ve selected. You are only a couple of fearless clicks away from registering a name for your website!

To make things even easier, the hosting service offers 24 hour support; usually a telephone line, and/or an email or chat service when you need it.

Web Hosting

“Web hosting” is a scary term. It implies all kinds of etiquette that may be needed, but really aren’t a factor. Web hosting is simply putting up a website and caring for it. And websites don’t generally need a lot of care, just a pet, a caress, and a tweak every now and then. It’s also fun to look at the “backend,” where all the stats are about your site are located. How many visited today? Where did they visit from? How long did they stay? Some hosting sites email you these stats weekly and monthly.

Simply put, there is no need to stress over buying a domain name or hosting a website. The acquisition is mostly mechanical. The price is usually very reasonable, and the care and upkeep of the site can be just about effortless (and very rewarding!)

Try it and see. It’s usually as easy as