Volunteer Roles with the 1000 Project

The 1000 Project is all about collaboration toward a common goal. We all work together to help aspiring entrepreneurs gain traction with their business ideas through an online presence. It’s how we give back to the global community and work to improve the economy worldwide, and each of us contribute in our own way. There are several volunteer roles that you can fill depending on your skills, experience, and preference. How can you help change the world?

Design.We’re helping entrepreneurs reach a global market with their business ideas and product offerings. By providing our candidates with quality websites that represent their brand, we’re able to open them up to a world of possibilities. The 1000 Project needs capable web designers to help create and deliver these life-changing websites.

Mentor. Want to share your experience and hard-won knowledge with a budding entrepreneur? We need friendly, helpful mentors to work directly with Project 1000 candidates. You’ll help select the most qualified individuals to receive aid packages, discuss their business plans and goals, and work with candidates to plan their website before it goes off to the designer.

Project Management. Every candidate who is selected to receive a free business site from the 1000 Project will be assigned a project manager to oversee their aid package. If you’re the kind of person who likes to take charge of a project and see it through to the end, you may want to bring that mindset to our social entrepreneurism movement.

Promotion. We’re always looking for people to help spread the word. The more people know about the 1000 Project, the more we’ll be able to help change the world. Whether you’re a skilled promoter, marketing professional, or you just want to share our vision on social media, your time will help the 1000 Project grow.

Each of the above roles allow you to volunteer your talents from anywhere in the world. As a “virtual volunteer,” all you’ll need to be a valuable contributor is a computer and an internet connection!

If you’re interested in joining the 1000 Project as a volunteer, please email: volunteer@my1000project.com

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a partner or sponsor, please click here.

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.  ~Elizabeth Andrew