Mission Statement

The 1000 Project aims to change the lives of budding entrepreneurs, and through that change, foster great things throughout the global community. Our mission is not simply to encourage and aid up-and-coming small business owners, but to share with them the idea of social entrepreneurism that it may spread far and wide.

For that reason, it is critical that every entrepreneur who finds assistance through the 1000 Project also be committed to the precepts of social consciousness. Every part of our grand machine must embrace the idea that huge journeys are comprised of single steps, and that by helping one person, we can help thousands more down the road.

The 1000 Project has a goal of helping 1000 bright minds reach their entrepreneurial goals. That number is a goal, and not a limit. We will continue to press forward with our mission and our vision for as long as we can, helping as many people as we can, because there should never be an upper limit on positive change.

The 1000 Project will maintain a flexible scope, incorporating new ideas and initiatives into our social consciousness whenever possible. There can be – and hopefully will be – many 1000 Projects in the future.