A Social Enterprise Project for Entrepreneurs.

The 1000Project is concerned with the creation of new opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs who need a helping hand to grow their online presence.We will provide free website design services to selected individuals – People who have great ideas but lack the means to develop their own online presence.

Our medium-term goal is to help 1000 ambitious men and women achieve their dreams and grow their business! And beyond that…

Are you a small business owner or innovator who needs our help? Click here to find out if you qualify for the 1000Project!

 Who We Are

The 1000Project is funded and operated by Coolours, a branding and design company who works closely with small businesses to help them reach their full potential.

Shola Lawrence, Founder and CEO of Coolours, has initiated the 1000Project as part of the social entrepreneurism movement – an initiative focusing on small business owners who “pay it forward” by leveraging their skills and success to help the local, national and global communities. Coolours – and all the sponsors supporting the 1000Project – are committed to help others find their online niche and succeed.

Small and micro-businesses are the mainstay of national economies across the globe, recognised for the role they play in providing employment opportunities and overcoming poverty.